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(Update April 9, 2006. Let's get this active again!)

Calling all cooks, cleaners, organizers, bakers, decorators, crafters, do-it-yourself-ers, stay-at-home moms & dads.. well, everybody!

Welcome to Domestic Ohio, a community for us Buckeyes that love being domestic. Share recipes, cleaning or decorating tips, ask for help on something.. whatever!

"Domestic: devoted to home duties and pleasures."

Like most communities, there are a few rules.
Posts must be approved before they are posted. This should be a temporary thing. Just until the new rules are being followed for sure. Please do not let this stop you from posting, though. :)
- First of all, anybody can join! Male, female, married, single, kids, no kids, teenager, senior, anyone! You don't even need to live in Ohio exactly. Surrounding areas are welcome as well :)
- Second, please be respectful of the other people here. And please, keep the cursing to a minimum. Inappropiate behavior will not be tolerated.
- Third, long entries should go behind a cut. You may, of course, give a brief summary outside of the cut.
- Fourth, spellcheck and entry tags are handy :)
- Fifth, this community is for people who support the domestic lifestyle. If you don't, please don't join. You may find this interesting though.
- Sixth, the only place for promoting other communities and the like is in your intro post. I may make a post specifically for plugging. Until then, do it in your intro post :)

Your first post may be an introduction, if you'd like. We'd like to know your name, where you're from, whether or not you're married, or have kids, your favorite domestic activity, tips/recipe you'd like to share (behind cut, please), something you'd like to learn/get tips on, where else we can find you (feel free to plug something here :)), etc. Feel free to add on as you like. This is not a requirement, just a way for us/me to get to know you :)

When posting recipes (one at a time, unless the recipe has two parts. ex: cake + icing), please do so like this:
Entry title: Name of recipe.
Outside LJ cut: reasonably-sized picture, if you have one. Brief description of recipe.
Behind cut: Recipe, story behind recipe, other pictures, etc.
* If the recipe has less than say.. 10 lines total, you may post it outside the cut.

Questions, comments, suggestions
All of these things may be posted. Please remember to stay with the domestic topics.. that really is a lot more than you'd think :) I'd prefer if you didn't post topics about who's winning American Idol (which I love as well), how much you hate Britney Spears, etc. We want to hear about your home and family, not who's on Entertainment Tonight. :)

The last, and most important rule is.. Just have fun!

Now, to introduce myself. My name is Tiffany and I'm twenty-two. I live in a tiny town in northwest Ohio. I am not married and I have no kids. I do, however, live with my boyfriend. Since moving in with him, I've realize how much I love to cook, clean, organize, take care of him, etc. I consider myself domestic. The condition of my home really affects my mood, probably because most of my time is spent here.

I do have an active LJ, which you are free to add to your friends list. Check out my profile/user info for more :) You may also find me on my domain, raspberry-kitty.net. I have another site there called The Recipe Box. That's basically what it is, a collection of recipes. Another place you'll see me is on Myspace.

This community was founded on May 10th, 2004 by communista.