I dunno if anyone else has seen these, but I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw a bunch of Antique Gadgets. I can't remember what all there was, but I bought the egg/pancake ring because my boyfriend was wanting one (they weren't cheap, but neat lol)

We at Resourceful Products are inspired to bring back many everyday helpful kitchen gadgets which have been out of production for so many years.

So many of our customers have written or called us to ask us to find these items over the years -- recognizing that we enjoy developing items with unique utility and design.

In many cases, our customers have broken an old and treasured family heirloom gadget which gave them years of service in their kitchen. Many of us form bonds with our kitchen implements because they remind us of family time growing up and of early childhood memories of learning how to use these very innovative articles.

Resourceful Products is devoted to bringing back products from yesteryear which are still applicable to today's world in the kitchen.

Thank you for considering us as your source for "reborn" utility in the kitchen.