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I know some of you still watch this, so I wanted to plug a community I just joined. It seems pretty neat! It's called long_term_love and it's for couples who have been together for a year or more.

So check it out and fill out the application to join :)
Nobody comes around here anymore, do they? :(

Well, since today is trick-or-treating here, I figured I'd post something and hope someone stops by ;)

Who's dressing up for Halloween this year? If you are, what're you going to be? Anyone just passing out candy (like myself) or throwing a Halloween party? I wanna hear about everything Halloween related!
I saw this on AOL Organizing, from Real Simple magazine.

101 New Uses for Everyday ThingsCollapse )

Feel free to add to it (I'll add them below), or find much more here. Man, I need to start getting this magazine! lol

rkitty: I use baby oil instead of waterproof makeup remover. It's so much cheaper and gets off my waterproof mascara. :)
I dunno if anyone else has seen these, but I was at Wal-Mart the other day and saw a bunch of Antique Gadgets. I can't remember what all there was, but I bought the egg/pancake ring because my boyfriend was wanting one (they weren't cheap, but neat lol)

here's their storyCollapse )
I made these on Cinco de Mayo (I don't really celebrate it but I thought it was a neat idea) with spanish rice. Both recipes are from Cooking Light. I added a few things or made substitutions.. but they were so good! It was like eating at a great Mexican restaurant lol. (Spanish rice recipe also located at the site below :))

( Chicken enchiladas & verde salsa )
Because spring & summer means bugs, I wanted to share this website. It's all about Boric Acid as an insectiside. My mom used to use this stuff to get rid of those annoying ants that take over the kitchen. I used it when I moved into my apartment for fleas. My cat & kittens had gotten fleas before I moved in and I couldn't treat them before moving in. I didn't even think to use BA right away, so I was just treating the cats (with flea spray for cats) & using the same stuff in the carpet. My mom reminded me about BA, so I went out & bought a bottle and sprinkled it on the carpet & broomed it in (lightly) to get it down deep. I left it sit for a couple weeks and then vaccuumed. Fleas were gone!

I just bought some more (they have it at Wal-Mart, in the pharmacy. I seen it near the neosporin-type stuff) for the big scary spiders we get in the house. I plan on sprinkling it around the bathroom sink & maybe under cabinets. Those things come out of everywhere. Yikes! lol. I also plan on using it if the flea problem comes back. We have pets that go outside & they had fleas last year, so I bet it'll happen again. That stuff comes in pretty handy :) (got flea collars last year too, that seemed to control the fleas on the pets)

I hope someone found this helpful :)
Last night's supperCollapse )
Did any of you have an easter dinner this weekend? If yes, talk about it :)

I had dinner here with my mom, her fiancee, my youngest sister, her son, and my boyfriend. I made cornish hens, mashed potatoes (bf made them), cream corn, baked beans (actually mom brought those), biscuits, country gravy, spinach salad (with hard-boiled eggs, strawberries, bacon and raspberry vinaigrette, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting and coconut flakes, and cupcakes (frosted with pastel-colored vanilla frosting). It was so much fun!

I hope all of you that celebrate easter had a great one. & I hope the day/weekend was great for the rest of you too!
I just wanted to share a few things I've bought recently :)

Cookie cutters & blossom cookie pan. I also got a pack of treat baggies & the sticks to do the cookies. I haven't done them yet though lol

I also picked up a new crockpot from Big Lots. It came with a 1-qt crock-ette. It's so cute! haha. Got the set for $24! I also bought a bundt pan for $4 and a set of Air-Bake (or whatever they're called) cookie sheets for $10.

In case you can't tell, I just love Big Lots! There's always a great deal there somewhere, isn't there?

Where are some places you get great household/grocery deals from?
I've posted some information about myself on the profile page, but here it is again.. just to have a new post :)

Who is rkitty?Collapse )