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Because spring & summer means bugs, I wanted to share this website. It's all about Boric Acid as an insectiside. My mom used to use this stuff to get rid of those annoying ants that take over the kitchen. I used it when I moved into my apartment for fleas. My cat & kittens had gotten fleas before I moved in and I couldn't treat them before moving in. I didn't even think to use BA right away, so I was just treating the cats (with flea spray for cats) & using the same stuff in the carpet. My mom reminded me about BA, so I went out & bought a bottle and sprinkled it on the carpet & broomed it in (lightly) to get it down deep. I left it sit for a couple weeks and then vaccuumed. Fleas were gone!

I just bought some more (they have it at Wal-Mart, in the pharmacy. I seen it near the neosporin-type stuff) for the big scary spiders we get in the house. I plan on sprinkling it around the bathroom sink & maybe under cabinets. Those things come out of everywhere. Yikes! lol. I also plan on using it if the flea problem comes back. We have pets that go outside & they had fleas last year, so I bet it'll happen again. That stuff comes in pretty handy :) (got flea collars last year too, that seemed to control the fleas on the pets)

I hope someone found this helpful :)
if you want to control the fleas and ants, don't kill the spiders. spiders are GOOD bugs.also, if you know where the ants come in, put a line of mayonnaise down. they won't cross it.
I'm worried about the big spiders. I'm afraid that they are brown recluse spiders, so I just want them gone *shivers*

Isn't it weird what bugs won't cross? I heard once that cockroaches or something like that won't cross a line of crushed chalk.